BeforeWe Start
  1. Main Street Building and Development bly believes that superior Pre-Construction Services are the key to every successful project. We have focused a significant amount of our resources in developing a b Pre-Construction team that is committed to deliver unparalleled service to our clients. Three critical characteristics have made Main Street’s Pre-Construction Services a leader in the industry:
    1. Budget Accuracy
    2. Realistic Scheduling
    3. Sound Construction Planning
  2. During Pre-Construction, important fundamental decisions are made that define the project: the program is developed, design decisions are made, budget and schedule are established and validated, and planning for construction is outlined and refined. These Pre-Construction Services provide our Clients with an early analysis of the integration of materials, equipment, systems, construction means and methods, techniques, and schedules.
  3. Other key aspects that are developed during the pre-construction process are as follows:
    1. Identifying the Unique Needs of the Project
    2. Site Inspection & Evaluation
    3. Existing Structural Inspection & Evaluation
    4. Scheduling
    5. Phasing Plans
    6. Regulatory Investigation
    7. Value Engineering
    8. Subcontractor Pre-qualification
    9. Conceptual Budgets
    10. Plan Review